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OEI College (dba Olympia Education Institute)


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OEI College (dba Olympia Education Institute, or OEI) is committed to the highest standards of ethics, academic rigor, and excellence in English proficiency instruction. The institute serves multiple missions:

  • Educating Students
    OEI prepares students for academic pursuits or for future career advancement. All programs are designed to meet established standards of English proficiency and incorporate technology to facilitate learning. Our student-centered instruction is designed to accommodate individual learning styles and levels.
  • Promoting Multicultural and International Competence
    OEI supports the needs of students from different cultures and academic backgrounds.  Infused in every course and program is the exploration of the significance of culture, ethnicity, and nationality.  Our commitment to diversity extends to faculty, staff, and students.
  • Expanding Access and Opportunity
    To encourage and enable students to aim even higher, OEI seeks to make language education available to ever-expanding global communities of students through partnerships with schools within the United States and internationally.




Our academic philosophy includes the following:

  • Produce competency in the five major areas of: listening, speaking, reading, writing, and culture
  • Promote warm and effective communication with people
  • Make use of our educational facility, technology, and methodology
  • Develop students' positive self-image, and respectful, ethical behavior
  • Model fluent communication ability in our multicultural society
  • Use repetition in methodology, developing a spirit of perseverance
  • Enhance learning through a welcoming classroom environment
  • Provide positive feedback, believing that it is a powerful motivational aid
  • Encourage students from all backgrounds to respect and appreciate one another


OEI College - 9520 Las Tunas Drive, Temple City, CA
Conveniently located near the 10 FWY in the beautiful city of Temple City, OEI College (OEI) has easy access to public transportation. The facility is equipped with a computer lab, general-purpose classrooms, a student lounge, a library/resource center, and administrative offices. Each general-purpose classroom is well light and air-conditioned, arranged and equipped to accommodate up to 15 students in lecture type setting at a 1 to 15 instructor to student ratio. The facility is approximately 3,500 square feet . Free parking is available!


We employ qualified teachers who have completed degrees at either the graduate or post-graduate level. They are very enthusiastic and experienced in teaching English to international students. Engaging students in an interactive manner, they strive to enhance the learning process with cultural and social experiences as well.

Our friendly staff is ready to help with courses, accommodations, sightseeing, and other activities. Added field trips will complement experiences in the classroom.


Download: Application Form, Annual Report, Catalog, School Performance Fact Sheet


OEI College

Main Campus: 9520 Las Tunas Drive, Temple City, California 91780
E-mail: info@oei.edu Tel. (626) 309-9395
Published Aug. 2008, Vol. I
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